Wonderful White Sea Glass Mosaic Pendant

white sea glassI just added this luminous beauty to my Etsy shop. These mosaics are a bit tricky to make, but they are so worth it.  Check it out here.

Happy Halloween from Sea Glass Cat!

This year’s Halloween creation. Messy, but a fun way to use those ‘uncooked’ shards.

Tricks and treats await….. until next time!

Canadian Ice Sea Glass White

White sea glass might be common, but perfectly frosted white chunks like this one are not!! I knew from the moment that I picked this one off of the beach that it would make the perfect pendant.

Come and check it out in my brandy new Etsy store.

White Sea Glass and The Light Within

White sea glass is so underrated.

It is ice cubes.

It is a powdered sugar doughnut.

It is candy, that sticks to your teeth.

It is the gem that you find in an alchemist’s velvet pouch.

It is grandma’s pickle dish, dangling from a chain.

It is common.

And extraordinary.

Photos: Christina Friedrichsen

Gifts From the Sea: White and Aqua

aqua sea glass from Lake Erie 

The sea does not reward those who are too anxious, too greedy, or to impatient. One should be empty, open, choiceless as a beach – waiting for a gift from the sea ~ Anne Morrow

Sea glass is a gift from the sea.

Photo: Christina Friedrichsen

The Zen of Sea Glass

white sea glass

Collecting sea glass is a form of meditation. As soon as I hit the beach it’s as if a chalk eraser comes and wipes away all the messages in my busy mind. All the negative thoughts. Anxieties. I’m left with a clean blackboard and a bucket full of joy.

Sea Glass Smile

white sea glass

What happens when you come home with way too many ‘uncooked’ whites? You jam them into your Jack O’ Lantern’s mouth and make a nice set of pearly whites! I’m going to try the brown sea glass on my next one.

Lip Shards

lip shards

I do love a good lip shard. Here are a few I shot on some pages of scripted scrapbooking paper. I shot these outside before sunset.

What to Do with Leftover White Sea Glass

When I take my six-year old with me to collect sea glass, I always come home with A LOT OF WHITE. That’s because my daughter picks up nearly every piece she finds.  When I get home, I wash the glass (I add bleach to the water), and sort it. Many of the white pieces end up in the discard pile because they are not fully ‘cooked.’

I have a container full of discards that I will eventually take back to the water. The rest of the discards I used tonight. Here is what I did with them:

white sea glass

That little red guy is Max. He’s a Japanese fighting fish and we’ve had him for more than a year. Today, I decided to replace the cheap looking decorative pebbles at the bottom of his bowl with genuine sea glass. I like the new look and I think he does too.

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