White Sea Glass and The Light Within

White sea glass is so underrated.

It is ice cubes.

It is a powdered sugar doughnut.

It is candy, that sticks to your teeth.

It is the gem that you find in an alchemist’s velvet pouch.

It is grandma’s pickle dish, dangling from a chain.

It is common.

And extraordinary.

Photos: Christina Friedrichsen

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Beautiful pictures! I’ve been finding a lot of white sea glass around Vermilion and I love it. Thanks for the great site about Lake Erie Sea Glass!

I don’t know if I enjoy your photography or your writing more. As an obsessive beach glass collector, I totally understand the call of the beach. I am lucky that I live within 5 minutes of my favorite shore, but our tides here in central california remove the stones and glass during the summer so I have the long wait until next winter to resume the hunt.

I found your site while researching jewelry making supplies. I was diagnosed with breast cancer that has spread to my bones in Feb of 2007 and have been forced to retire due to endless treatments. That draw to the beach was all I had on many a tough day. It bothered me at first that I spent so much time walking up and down the beach instead of doing something more useful until I decided to call myself a beachcomber. Somehow that made it seem less aimless. Now I am thinking of turning my collection into wearable art. Thank you for sharing your first steps in jewelry making also. I think there is a dremel in my near future.

Thanks so much for the comment Terry.

The ‘call’ of the beach is hard to resist. It’s a powerful place. I always feel more ‘myself’ when I have spent a day wandering the shoreline. The beach has healing powers too – and it sounds like you have tapped into that.

Buy a dremel! I’m an old pro at drilling now… it really didn’t take long to get onto it. Recently I made a suncatcher and I had to drill 70ish pieces of glass for it! Weirdly, I actually enjoy drilling. It takes my mind off of everything except the task at hand. I have a long way to go learning other jewelry techniques, but it’s a fun ride! Plus, it will help you showcase some of your favourite pieces.

I didn’t realize that in Central California you have to wait until winter to collect! A bummer, but so worth the wait. You have some of THE best sea glass out there!!

[…] White sea glass might be common, but perfectly frosted white chunks like this one are not!! I knew from the moment that I picked this one off of the beach that it would make the perfect pendant. […]

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