Mouse Chops

black cat

This is my cat Caper.

She inspired this poem a few years ago. She has since become an indoor cat who goes a little hysterical for shrimp.

Mouse Chops

By Christina Friedrichsen


Black cat

chasing gull.

Bird flies,

cat cries.




Mouse appears,

out of hole.

So much chutzpah,

that little mouse.




Damn cat.

Eats mouse chops raw.

Leaves little mouselettes

without a ma.



Wonderful White Sea Glass Mosaic Pendant

white sea glassI just added this luminous beauty to my Etsy shop. These mosaics are a bit tricky to make, but they are so worth it.  Check it out here.

Amber Sea Glass Pendant with Pattern

sea glass ambersea glass amber

Finally have the Etsy store up and running again.

This piece of amber deliciousness is available here.

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