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Here are some of my latest items on Etsy:

Sea Glass Mosaic Pendants on Etsy

I never get tired of the way light ignites the colours in sea glass. It mesmerizes me.

I put these pendants up in my Etsy shop tonight. They really are stunning!

mosaic sea glass blue

sea glass mosaic
green sea glass pendant

Sea Glass Art

My 8-year old daughter and I are heavily into Artist Trading Cards. Here are two of her sea-glass inspired Artist Trading Cards.

sea glass drawingsea glass paint

If only I could get my hands on the giant red piece in the upper left:)

The Sylvias

I wrote this after reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. It has nothing to do with sea glass.


The Sylvias


By Christina Friedrichsen


The Sylvias do not stray.

They are obedient

to the word.


They are not distracted

by thingism.


They do not create

bubblegum for bling.

They do not dazzle in boardrooms

or dance for Men in Suits.


They refine their magic

when the children are in bed.

Warriors, they are,

those Sylvias.


Goddamn warriors.


But they pay.


They pay.

Suburban Smile

By Christina Friedrichsen


I live in the land of crescents,

not moons,

cul de sacs

all grey and smooth




Houses polite and clean

like wedding invitations

in letterpress,

where neighbours wave

all Stepford-like.

Do they smell like apple pie?


Where is the crazy-ass

neighbour with fifteen cats and no satellite?

The one with bourbon on her breath

at 8 a.m.

Where is the mad man?

Moonshine in his pockets

and moon glow on his page.


Hiding under

a suburban smile.


A soft suburban grin.




Lake Erie Sea Glass: Today’s Catch

We went sea glassing at our favourite beach near Colchester, Ontario on the weekend. It was raining for several days – and I think this helped to bring in some great glass. Not a huge amount – but really nice quality!

Found a gorgeous little turquoise piece (top photo, near the top, in the middle) and my daughter found an interesting aqua piece. Also found a piece of Blue Willow pottery.

Here is a photo of the ‘gem’ quality pieces: (It also was a good day for otoliths. We found four. A heart stone too!)

lake erie sea glass

beach glass lake

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