Searching for Sea Glass, Finding Clarity

driftwood lake erie

We haven’t been out to our favourite beach in Colchester, Ontario for at least two months. The girls were at their grandparents today – which gave us a perfect excuse to head to the beach.

The water is high right now – the highest I’ve seen it. I’ve also never seen so much driftwood on the beach. I was tempted to collect a bunch, but unlike our border collie, we haven’t found a good use for it.

We found very few pieces of sea glass. I sort of gave up looking half way along the beach, and started taking photos.

Farley, waiting patiently for a piece of driftwood to be thrown:

border collie beach

Rosie, staying close:


The only ice to be found on the beach was a clump of icicles hanging from a branch along the shore:


Peace. Clarity. Sunshine. Two happy dogs. Two happy humans. Who cares if our sea glass buckets were empty?

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