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Like the world needs another blog. Like I need another blog (this other blog keeps me busy enough!), something is pulling me – like the moon pulls the tides, to create a blog devoted to my passion for sea glass.

I live in Southern, Ontario near Lake Erie. Although I feel a bit delirious when I see beaches in California, Hawaii, Hong Kong, littered with jewels, and my heart aches a little when I see the lovely jelly beans plucked from English shores, I have come to realize that the stretches of beach that I frequent are full of treasures.

I started collecting sea glass this summer when I was going a little crazy.  I’ve been spending a bit too much time on the computer these days working on my online business, and I was feeling very disconnected from nature. Very disconnected from myself.  Then I started going to the beach.  I went there with one purpose in mind: to find sea glass. And once I found some, I wanted to find more. So I came back again a few days later. Again and again. And then I realized that it isn’t just about the glass – although that’s a big part of it – it’s about getting my butt out the door and into the Great Outdoors. To have face time with Mother N, because if there is a thing called spirit, she brightens mine.

And so I am here. Sharing my discoveries with you.

Photo: Various shades of aqua by Christina Friedrichsen

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So where in Ontario are you? My fiance and I live in Waterloo. What beach would be closest to us, that would be a good source of sea glass? 🙂 I remember collecting it as a kid, perhaps at Port Elgin, as that was our “family beach”. Any tips? 🙂

I hear that St. Catherine’s, Ontario has some good glass. I have yet to check it out, but I hope to this summer. I am just outside of Windsor, Ontario. I scour the nearby shores of Lake Erie.

You hit the nail on the head – sea glass rocks! Like you I have found it to be a great hobby and stress reliever. What a great feeling to walk on the sandy beach, feel the breeze, listen to the waves and look for sea glass! I’m addicted!

My wife just learned about sea glass. We live in the toledo area, close to lake erie. Can you give us some idea of where we can find sea glass around the toledo shoreline

Hi Scott,

Sorry but I I have never looked for sea glass in Ohio, other than on Cedar Point beach which had none. Good luck! Try one of the ning sites like seaglasslovers for more advice on locations.

Wow! You could be my soul sister. Reading your blogs sounds much like my own life. I live on Lake Erie (Pa), and I love beachcombing. I have found many, many awesome finds. Fossils, prehistoric bones, tons of pottery, and of course beach glass! I kayak and “comb” the beaches with my two Golden Retrievers..sometimes I can get my husband and 13yo old son to come along, but I do enjoy going alone too. I was looking up “Lake Erie Jade” when I found your blog. Love all the pictures. The one picture on your fossil page, I believe is a piece of horn coral 🙂 Keep posting pictures of your wonderful finds!

Thanks so much for your comment Connie! It’s nice to know that these words and images resonate with other kindred spirits out there:)

I am looking for a jewelry-maker who will use sea glass i have collected to make jewelry.
I live in Toledo, OH.
Can you refer me to someone in this area?

Your best bet Cindy is to post on

Cindy, I know this is a bit late, but I create fine and sterling silver sea glass jewelry if you are interested. My ETSY store is here: , and my Facebook page is here:

Oh, and the name of my store is Shannon Down By The Sea . That might help!

I just discovered this lovely blog while researching lucky stones. I live on the other side of Lake Erie near Cleveland, OH. I have a bit of an obsession with beach glass. This week we found red glass for the first time. I don’t make jewelry, just collect it. (I did design a little bag for collecting.) I want to keep my eyes open for the lucky stones now!

Hi! I am featuring your sea glass blog as my featured collector blog on MY collector’s blog! Thanks for your inspiring words, collection, and photos!

Thanks for the feature Stefanie!

Happy hunting Jane!

Just wonder what bit you were using to drill the holes in the glass? I ahve searched for a diamond bit in my area – also just outside of windsor. Any insight where I can get a bit? I am crafting a necklace for my wife for her birthday (with aa stone from a trip to pelee island we took) Perhaps I could pay you to drill the hole for me? LOL.


Totally inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog.

Barb, I’m glad you find it inspiring! Thanks for your comment.

Stumbled across your delightful and delicious (beach glass wise) website today. We are on the “other side of the pond” so to speak, out of Avon Lake, Ohio (on the south shore). Have been avid collectors for over 20 years and the thrill of finding we can well relate to. My husband found the most incredible piece of red the other day and now he’s hooked. It’s currently hanging around my neck and he’s begged me not to sell it! Looking forward to more of your pics and posts. Merry Christmas!

Guess I should have added that we are Washed Ashore Jewelry, oops!

I gottcha…yeah Love what GOD gave us!!!!

My girlfriend and I are on the other side of the lake in Pa and love collecting sea glass every weekend.

Great Blog! I grew up in Buffalo and we have a cottage on the shore of Lake Erie…I always loved finding and collecting the seaglass after a winter thaw. I’d love to learn to do more with it than just keep it in a jar.

Greetings, glunkers! Think that’s about the ugliest imaginable name for one of the most beautiful pastime/hobbies….I began collecting last summer while in Maine, continued to Lake Erie because it’s closer and finally Brazil while visiting my son where I found armloads…Would very much like to get a group together to share, research pieces, and oogle one another’s booty (so to speak). 😉 Please let me know if you’re interested. I’m in Akron but I think we would all travel a bit for our passion.

where can i go near windsor to find beach glass? thanks

Seacliff Beach in Leamington. Also, some of the beaches in Colchester. We have not been out since the fall. Seacliff gave up a few gems this year. It hasn’t been as good as it used to be though. Not sure if it is water level related, or from more people looking for glass…

I live on the north shore of Ohio, directly across from West Sister Island, site of the Battle of Lake Erie, 1813. While we have lovely “ordinary” seaglass, and tons of Lucky Stones, we also find treasures from the ships sunk in that battle. Bits of old china are common enough, but the lake also brings some very large timbers. Love your blog, but can’t figure out how to follow you. Please keep on writing.

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