Sea Glass Jewelry: Lessons I am Learning

I have been busy with the Dremel. I’ve drilled easily over 100 pieces now. What I have learned:

  1. Patience is a good thing. Do not force the bit. Take it easy. I broke four bits before realizing this. It might take you a bit longer to drill a piece, but your bits will last longer and that will save you money.
  2. Drilling is zen-like. Honestly, I enjoy drilling the glass. It takes my mind off of everything. I find it very calming.
  3. Jewelry supplies ain’t cheap!
  4. Searching for jewelry supplies is very time consuming! I scour Etsy, Ebay and for jewelry supplies. Fun, but time consuming!
  5. Photographing sea glass jewelry is very time consuming! But it’s a riot!

Here are a few of my latest pieces:

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I have so enjoyed reading all your posts… just in the last 1/2 hour. What a gift you have given me in your writing and photography. A virtual vacation! Thank you.

Thanks for your comment Monica. Glad to know that someone other than my dad reads this:)

Very nice stuff. I have tubs of sea glass from collecting for years. I have recently retired, and would like to start making jewelry. Where do you get the silver supplies for making pendants and earings?

I buy from and Etsy. Hope this helps!

My husband and I are selling our authentic sea glass from local orange county beaches here. All colors, shapes & sizes! Working up a price list and marketing info right now…can send you pics if needed!!

I am very interested in your jewelry, but where are the prices? “Sold” doesn’t do it for me!

We have collected beach glass for years and I want make my wife some jewlery. I like the clips you glue to the top of the glass. Can you please tell me what they are called or how to get them??
Kind regards,

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