Amber Sea Glass Pendant with Pattern

sea glass ambersea glass amber

Finally have the Etsy store up and running again.

This piece of amber deliciousness is available here.

Stacked Sea Glass Pendant vs a Styrofoam Ball

I’m still in shock. $22 for a styrofoam… I repeat, a styrofoam ball for craft projects. I saw it with my very own eyes at Michael’s Arts and Crafts Store this evening – and I would have taken a picture if I had my camera. And we crazy ass Etsyian sea glass jewelry makers are charging  the equivalent for handmade, sterling silver necklaces.

Starving, bloody artists. Always and Forever.

I’m crabby and I need sleep. But here’s my latest called Wordy.

My First Sea Glass Pendant

amber sea glass

My jewelry supplies arrived yesterday from and Etsy. I’m really happy with the quality. I used a sterling silver pinch bail and a sterling silver plated chain. This baby is a keeper! My six-year old found it this summer. I begged and pleaded for a trade, and she obliged. (She got a really old, really cooked brown) that I found. She wouldn’t dare let me sell this pendant – and I wouldn’t even think of it. I am officially hooked on making sea glass jewelry!

Brown Sea Glass: Yum

brown sea glass and amber sea glass

Brown and amber sea glass. There are so many shades. I love them all.

Brown is the second most common colour of sea glass, but despite its position on the rarity chart it’s one of the most beautiful colours. I love it’s richness and the way the sun shines through it so deliciously.

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