Sea Glass Sunday

There is no placeĀ  I would rather be on a Sunday in September than with my two girls and my husband, strolling the beach for sea glass.

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Just wanted to say that you are so Very Blessed to Live near the Beach and spend some Wholesome Family time with your Family on Sunday’s? It must be like finding buried treasure everytime you find some new rock, gem, or stone,etc,. I just bet that it is so very exciting each time you or your children pick something new up? Well, it would be so cool if you sold them or made jewelry with your little findings…I know I’d buy something from you! Well, I hope you continue in posting new pics I will be watching out for new pics I think this is so fascinating to see…I’m a Lover of Nature Water, Air, Rocks I just love what God has given us here on earth to Enjoy! Continue having fun as it will be fun for me just to see what you guys have turned up from the Beach! Take care and God God Bless you and Family.

Anna Maria….Dallas, Texas

Thanks so much for your sweet words Anna Maria! I do feel so fortunate to have this special place to visit. The Divine Author of the Universe is out there for sure, leaving a fascinating trail of mysteries for my family and I to collect and muse over.

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