Sea Glass Pottery

This is the sea glass pottery that I have collected on the north shore of Lake Erie in the past year. The earthenware obviously outnumbers the other types of sea glass pottery shards.

There is something primal and beautiful about earthenware shards. I haven’t made anything with them (not sure that I will), but I love the look of them heaped together in a bowl. (I display them in a large clear bowl that we got as a wedding gift.)

Pottery shards in solid colours are always fun to find. I think the small ones would make lovely charms grouped together on a bracelet.

The biggest thrill is to find a piece of pottery with a pattern. Many of these would make superb pendants. But the prettiest ones are not mine. My daughters have keen eyes for pottery shards – they always seem to find the nicest ones.

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I grew up at Atlantic Beach in North Carolina. South of Hatteras and Ocracoke but North of Wilmington and home of the Cape Lookout Lighthouse–the recent hurricane completely covered my beloved island with water but didn’t damage it as much as the Northern Outer Banks.

Sea glass has special place in my heart. I love your pendants and your blog. I also love the bits of pottery you and your daughter have collected. I think that they would make awesome mosaic tile pieces–table top, a framed piece to hang on the wall or as a focal point in a kitchen. Just glue the pieces to a backing or table top and then cover with grout when the glue holding the pieces in place is dry.

There are lots of how tos on the internet–most people break up china to do this or buy small mosaic tile kits, but sharp edges have to be dealt with, and I love the soft edges of your found pieces. Grout comes in all sorts of colors, so you could do some gorgeous items.

I doubt that there are many people making mosaics from sea pottery on Etsy. Small decorative tiles are all the rage for custom kitchen and baths in the US, so I imagine that there would be a market for the small pieces as is–maybe sold by color family in quantity.

I love the sterling bales that you use for your pendants. I love the weight of them. I have a couple of pieces that I want to make into pendants for my own personal use–I’m not going to make sea glass jewelry and sell it on Etsy. I’d love to buy a couple of bales from you. If you’re interested, please email me at the gmail address I provided.

I am an artist and hope to sell things on Etsy, but I paint, sew, and am dabbling in photography and digital design. I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to get a supply source from you so I can copy what you’re doing. My interests are in other areas, and I live 3 hours from the beach and glass is rare here. –My dad died this year, and I have a piece of glass that I want to make into a pendant to wear as well as having some rough garnets that my husband and I found in an abandoned mine on our honeymoon that I want to turn into jewelry and saw a piece with a bale similar to yours that I think I could use. I could also use matching earring findings.

Another trend in interior design are containers of sea rocks–a mix of colors, all one color with one complimentary colored one–all light grey with one black… Pottery Barn sells bags of these rocks for $15-$20. You might be able to make money with the rocks as well.

Good luck on all your endeavors and happy hunting!

Hi M. Thanks so much for your comment!! I love when fellow sea glass junkies take the time to write! Thanks for the ideas. I don’t have any leftover bails, but you can get them at Just look under pinch bails.

Hi! I just ran across your amazing website and wanted to ask a question. We come up to the PA shores of Lake Erie a lot, and I have found numerous pieces of porcelain. They are white on one side, and light blue (robin shell blue) with dark gray speckles. Do you have ANY idea of their origin? Each time we’re up there, we find at least 1 piece, so my collection is growing. It’s just sooo intriguing to me, but I can’t find any information on them; any info is most appreciated.


Lynn, I’m not sure. But I bet someone on here would know if you posted a pic to the site.

Thank you! I’ll try that site. Hoping someone will be able to solve the mystery-

I grew up on the North Shores of Lake Erie in the small town of Port Colborne, and now have a cottage there. Have be collecting beach glass, pottery shards for 50 years. Have jars, lamps , bowls filled with all sorts glass. I walk the beach every morning and night during the summer and am amazed that I can find a handful of glass every single day. Pale blue and aqua are my favourite colours, browns not so much. Glad I found your site.

Hi… I have a trailer in Port Bruce and collect beach glass every morning… I love it. I recently found a few ceramic pieces, one with a date of March 22, 1957 and the other with a blue stamp of some sort on it. I wondered if you have any information with regards to the white pottery found from lake erie?

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