Photography and Sea Glass

cobalt blue sea glass

Photography helps me appreciate sea glass in an entirely different way. Through the macro lens, my tiny pieces of sea glass fill the space. In their magnified state, their colours and textures come to life. The light within, fills the frame.

My love for photography makes my experience as a sea glass collector a much more enriching one because it provides me with a creative outlet. After each trip to the beach, my thoughts are always about the ways in which I will photograph my latest treasures.

I am currently shooting with a Nikon D70s. The lens I use to shoot the sea glass is a Tamron 70-300 zoom. I have my eyes on another lens. Not to mention, another camera. But these will have to wait.

Most of my shots are taken on my front porch or driveway just before sunset. I am often hastily walking around my front yard  holding plates and other props and I am convinced that my neighbours (who I barely know) think I am a nutbar. I usually have a very small window of opportunity. It’s usually after supper … a time when my kids want my attention. Thankfully, my husband steps in to entertain them, so I can have some creative time.

I strive to become a kick-ass photographer. The obstacles that I am presented with are almost always technical. I am very right-brained, so learning about the technical aspects of photography and Photoshop is always a pain in the bippy. But it’s so necessary. So very necessary.

Photo: Cobalt Blue by Christina Friedrichsen

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