Mosaic Pendants with English Sea Glass

There is something about English sea glass that makes me a little weak in the knees. I made these pendants with wee bits of English sea glass hand-plucked (by someone else) on Seaham Beach. These pendants make me a little delirious with delight, if I do say so myself. They make me think of Gothic stained glass windows drenched in sunlight.

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I just love these! Any chance you could tell me where you got the silver disks? Did you use an epoxy resin on these? I would love to make one with my Lake Erie glass!!!

Are these pendants for sale? How big are they? What holds the glass in the pendant? Is the pendant handmade? Is it sterling?


Hi Cheryl. The pendants will be for sale soon. They are one inch pendants. The bezel is silver plated and not handmade. Resin holds the glass in place.

Emailed you Heather.

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