Making Sea Glass Jewelry: The Pros and Cons

sea glass bottle rims

I’m a little afraid. It’s the same feeling I get when I’m third in line for a very large, and serpentine roller coaster ride. It’s that “there’s no turning back” feeling. That’s how I feel about making sea glass jewelry. Part of me is giddy with excitement, and part of me is feeling overwhelmed. ‘What in the hell am I getting myself into?’ is a manta I seem to be repeating a lot these days.

So to appease my anxious brain, I have decided to make a pros and cons list. This list pertains to me. Your pros, your cons might be vastly different than mine.


It’s creative. I am creative.

It will give me an excuse to collect more sea glass.

It’s a great way to showcase some of my sea glass beauties.

Sea glass jewelry is beautiful and I love wearing it.

It makes an awesome handmade gift.

It will give me more opportunies to hone my photography skills.

Brides will love it and I can sell it on my wedding website.

It doesn’t require a huge investment.

It’s a skill I can share with my daughters as they get older.

It’s hot with consumers and hasn’t yet reached the tipping point.



Competition is fierce.

It will be a steep learning curve.

I will have to invest more money to make it happen.

I have many interests and will have to get creative to make time for it. Just like the photo above, it will be a balancing act.

I’ve never make jewelry before.

It will take time and energy to market the jewelry.

My arts and crafts room is already jammed with materials. I will have to keep it organized.


Hmmm, more pros than cons. I guess it’s a go;)


Photo: Christina Friedrichsen

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Can’t fight the drive to create! Get at it.

Ya. Got half a dozen drilled. At this rate, I might have a pendant made by next Christmas:)

This blog is pretty ok. It has some interesting stuff.

Your photos are exquisite!

Thanks Tina!

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