Sea Glass: My Candy Store

sea glass pastelsea glass 2

My creme de la creme sea glass reminds me of candy. All of these gorgeous pastel pieces were found on the shores of Lake Erie in Leamington and Colchester.

The beach is my candy store. I am craving something sweet, but I will wait for a strong south wind to bring more goodies to shore.

Sea Glass, Take Me Away

My dog has to go to the vet because his skin is a mess. My seven-year old is crying and can’t sleep because she saw a war movie today at school for Remembrance Day. She thinks airplanes are going to come and blow us up.

So exhausted. I am dreaming of warm, honey sand, turquoise waves and sea glass in rare, vibrant colors. Like the ones inside this locket. (Check it out on Etsy.)

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