Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Pendant

Cobalt blue sea glass is one of my favourites – especially when the light shines through it. This piece is one of those rare beauties that is large, nicely shaped and perfectly ‘cooked’. I like to think the glass came from one of those fabulous poison bottles with the skull and crossbones on it. But it’s more likely that its from a  Noxema, Milk of Magnesia, Bromo-Seltzer or Vicks container from at least 60 years ago.

This coooool blue pendant is for sale in my Etsy shop.

Buy handmade for Christmas!

Etsy Sea Glass First Sale

Woot woot! I made my first Etsy sale on a jade green sea glass pendant. Actually, it’s not my first Etsy sale. I used to sell art cards on Etsy and sold dozens of them a couple years ago, but I don’t have time to paint anymore. It is my first sea glass sale, however. How fun!

The competition on Etsy is brutal – especially in the jewelry category. The term ‘sea glass’ has more than 20,000 search results! Has sea glass jewelry reached the tipping point?

The problem with this saturation is that 1) it’s really easy to get WAY buried by other sellers’ listings 2) there is so much competition that it’s hard to charge a fair price. It kills me that I can walk into Ardene or Claire’s and purchase a crappy  ‘Made in China’ necklace (made with cadmium?) and pay just as much or more as a piece of handmade sterling silver, sea glass jewelry.

I’ll give this a few months and see what happens. Thing is, I really dig making jewelry. Are there other selling avenues aside from the art/craft show circuit?

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