I Found Jesus while Seaglassing

On Sunday, I found Jesus at the beach. The funny thing is that we watched Evan Almighty the night before, so after my discovery I was waiting for Morgan Freeman to show up in a breezy white linen shirt with instructions to build an ark or something. I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t make an appearance.

jesus at beach

I also found a few nice pieces of sea glass. I found about 1/5 of what I usually find at my favourite beach, but there are a few nice gems in the pile, like a chunk of frosty aqua:

sea-glass lake erie

I had the stellar idea of bringing the dogs to the beach on the dead-fishiest-day ever! Dead carp everywhere. My papillon found the most oozing, stinking, rotten decayed carp she could find, and rolled in it until hear back was smeared in a yellow, creamy substance that reeked beyond words. Then my border collie proceeded to do the same. Two days and one bath later, they still smell.


dog beach

How do you like my new dead carp cologne?

It's intoxicating, Farley. How do you like my eau de cadaver?


Sea Glass and Spirit

Do you collect sea glass? Then you’ve witnessed that strange look in someone’s eyes that combines both bewilderment and boredom. Bewilderment because they can’t quite figure out why you are obsessed over bits of broken glass; and boredom because bits of broken glass are about as compelling to them as an electric garage door manual.

I do believe there are people in my extended family who have given me this look. (I won’t name any names.) For these folks, I limit my sea glass discussions to mere sentence fragments.

But maybe I am taking the wrong approach. Can they be enlightened? After all, sea glass has all the elements of a compelling collectible.

  • Sea glass is mysterious. Was it from a shipwreck? Or maybe a poison bottle?
  • Sea glass is beautiful. People rappel off of cliffs and kayak in dangerous waters in search of rare colors.
  • Sea glass is historical. Some pieces are hundreds of years old!
  • Sea glass is free – unlike many collectibles which can cost oodles of money.
  • Sea glass is full of surprises. You never know what will end up in your bucket!

Thankfully, the people I spend most of my time with (my husband and two girls) are in just as deep as I am, so there’s no need for a lecture. There’s no need to explain to them why housework, homework and other obligations must take a back seat to hitting the beach. There’s no need to explain to them why the kitchen table is covered in a rainbow of wet glass instead of dinner.

There’s no need to help them understand why I can hear the Divine Spirit, or Source a lot more clearly in the sound of the waves, then inside four walls.

As architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said: “I put a capital “N” on nature and call it my church.”

I love a church where I can wear rubber boots and smell the wind.

Ten Best Beaches for Sea Glass

As I sit here glaring out at snow-covered suburbia, I dream about vacations. Here is a link to places I am dreaming about.

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