I Found Jesus while Seaglassing

On Sunday, I found Jesus at the beach. The funny thing is that we watched Evan Almighty the night before, so after my discovery I was waiting for Morgan Freeman to show up in a breezy white linen shirt with instructions to build an ark or something. I was kind of disappointed that he didn’t make an appearance.

jesus at beach

I also found a few nice pieces of sea glass. I found about 1/5 of what I usually find at my favourite beach, but there are a few nice gems in the pile, like a chunk of frosty aqua:

sea-glass lake erie

I had the stellar idea of bringing the dogs to the beach on the dead-fishiest-day ever! Dead carp everywhere. My papillon found the most oozing, stinking, rotten decayed carp she could find, and rolled in it until hear back was smeared in a yellow, creamy substance that reeked beyond words. Then my border collie proceeded to do the same. Two days and one bath later, they still smell.


dog beach

How do you like my new dead carp cologne?

It's intoxicating, Farley. How do you like my eau de cadaver?


We’re Back on the Beach

Every Thursday I check Intellicast Detroit for the weekend forecast. It’s the Victoria Day weekend and warm air is on its way!!! Today it’s only 48 degrees and grey. We will definitely be heading to the shores of Lake Erie this weekend – despite astronomical gasoline prices. It’s a 100 k round trip to our little hot spot, so we probably spend a good $17 in gas.

I shot this a couple of weeks ago. Father and daughter. It’s so much more than just glass.

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