Aqua Sea Glass Bottle Stopper

sea glass bottle stopper

aqua sea glass bottle stopper

aqua sea glass bottle stopper

Incroyable!!!! I found my first bottle stopper!!! Beautiful aqua with a number on top. It’s either a six or a nine, depending on how you look at it. I did a bit of research on bottle stoppers and I think this dandy might be nearly 100 years old. It could be from an apothecary jar. I have to do a bit more research.

What an amazing week! I found a message in a bottle, a sea glass marble, my first piece of pink (hubby found it), and a bottle stopper. What’s next?

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amazing … yesterday mine found a bottle stopper, a marble, and a bottle bottom with pontil, that almost matched the stopper. Must be the moon !

We are on Long Island, Bahamas: where are you ?

And I found ony yesterday, 9-5-10!!! About the same color, but no number or letter. Along the shores of Puget Sound in Washington State. It’s for sale.

I found an aqua bottle stopper in mint condition on 9/9/10 in Loveladies on Long Beach Island, NJ.

I found my first bottle stopper, Sept. 20, 2010 in Bar Harbor, Maine. Almost identical as the photo, but no number!!

Just found my first stopper today in the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. It’s pink, somewhat ornate and beautifully conditioned. My daughter and I have been collecting for years but we just got serious about it within the past year. Have located several good sources and am accumulating quite a bit of glass, but haven’t figured out what I want to do with it yet!

We found one today 1/16/2012 at Stinson Beach California.


My son and i found our first aqua bottle stopper today on Crinnis/carlyon bay beach in cornwall/uk.
We have been collecting sea glass for a while and we are hooked

Found my first one in Loveladies, NJ too today 10/8/18. Mint condition. I was over the moon happy and glad I went on my walk this morning!

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